Open experiences. Hemp Distriubtion. Dispensary Formation.
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About us

Delta Flora is a premiere company dedicated to bringing safe, natural, and ecologically- friendly wellness products to current & emerging markets. In addition, we foster community through our month-month & bi-monthly events.
Delta Flora is a Hemp Distribution Company. We sell Hemp based products.
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Industry Gatherings

Delta Flora hosts bi-monthly events to encourage,educate & foster a fun & engaged community. Delta Flora looks to give attendees a chance to engage with featured industry professionals.

Bulk Deal Negoatiation & Mediation Services

We help facilitate & move large transfers of bulk Hemp matter


S.O.P.'s, Business Development, Brand Identity, Web & Dispenary Managment Audits.

Product Curation

Delta Flora works B2B to help clients currate herbalist products to sell for in store & eccommerce transactions

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Delta Flora's Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop a consistency and quality Standards that bring transparency, accountability and efficiency to the Hemp and Cannabis markets.

We hope to fostering trust, growth and long-term sustainability in the Hemp and Cannabis industry.

Our event's core theme: Hemp & Cannabis Technology & Innovation to engage a community of advocates, innovators, & entrepreneurs.

Current Happening

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